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AquaFrixio Hydro Massage System

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Brand: ProSun
Session Time: 10+ minutes
  • Your massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone.
  • The settings allow to adjust the AquaFrixio’s water temperature from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm.

• Perfect for one or multiple locations
• No special wiring needed – 110V / 20 AMP
• Operates without supervision 24/7
• Zero to low maintenance
• Air assisted for powerful manipulation
• Pre programmed, customizable controls

• 21 inch Touchscreen Display
• Programmable Internal Timer
• 5 Massage Modes, 3 Default modes
• AquaAbs, targets user’s core muscles
• Adjustable water temperature

  • Euro style with memory foam padding

• T-Max ready
• Easy plug and play installation
• No moving parts to breakdown


• Profitable 21 sq. ft. footprint

• 86” L x 40” W x 23” H
• 300 lb. empty
• 600 lb. full
• Recommended Min. Room Size: 9×8
• 400 lb weight limit

Tech Specs:
  • Rated for 110v/220v, 60 hertz, 20 amp breaker

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Ergoline Beauty Angel 7200

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The BEAUTY ANGEL 7200 combines BEAUTY LIGHT, platform-based total body vibration and specially formulated skin care products to create the ultimate beauty enhancing and muscle toning environment. The BEAUTY ANGEL 7200 experience includes total body exposure to BEAUTY LIGHT. The Vibra Shape technology stimulates muscle activity and increases circulation. The BEAUTY ANGEL'S enclosed cabin, unlike other vibration exercise systems, provides complete privacy. For motivation when training, the MP3 player connection allows customers to enjoy their own music and the high-performance overhead ventilation system ensures optimum cooling, even during the hot summer months. A session in the Beauty Angel is a great addition a to a tanning session or a workout routine before or after exercise by offering low-impact muscle toning for users. Before exercise, the Beauty Angel can be used to warm up the muscles and enhance microcirculation. After exercise, the Beauty Angel works to reduce muscle soreness and relieve tightness in the joints. The Beauty Angel can also be used independently of exercise as a stand-alone session, benefiting core strength, muscle tone, and relaxation. A session in the Beauty Angel is synergistic with the tanning process and enhances tan development. The Beauty Angel offers benefits to all users, regardless of age, gender, skin tone or fitness level while providing a completely UV-free environment that does not tan the skin. A complete session lasts 12 minutes, composed of a 10 minute Vibra Shape Program and warm up and cool down sessions. For best results, follow the recommended schedule of 2-3 sessions per week for a minimum of 90 days.   *Lease rates vary.
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AquaFrixio Hydro Massage System


$34/per day

The AquaFrixio Hydro Massage System provides all the benefits of a professional “hands-on” massage with an advanced stand-alone hydro massage system. Touch screen technology allows the user to select from an array of pre-programmed functions or to customize the programming with the touch of a finger. *Lease rates vary.
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CT Mobile Bronzer

Compact & portable, The Mobile Bronzer is a revolutionary compact and portable sunless tanning spray unit that delivers customized and flawless body-detailing in under four minutes for that “just from the beach tan”. This light-weight, mobile spray unit is easy to transport for “anytime, anywhere” application treatments.
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RedFit Workout & Recovery Room


Now Available in Canada! A Proven New Fitness Breakthrough

Our RedFit™ is the first Thermal Workout Room with infrared heaters, full spectrum ambient lights, RED ambient chromo-lights, natural Jade gemstones, and Himalayan Salt-Cave tiles. Easy to install and crafted from premium Canadian Hemlock wood. The optional Oxygen generator refreshes enriched-air for pure oxygen room flow. RedFit™ thermal workout sessions help you sweat more, burn more, and achieve more results in less time. In just 10-15 minutes hyper-intensive thermal far-infrared and ambient chromo-light workouts can help achieve:
Passive heat and hyperthermic conditioning is a scientific term for what happens to your body, when you’re exposed to heat and hot conditions like a sauna. Hyperthermic conditioning and active exercise complemented with passive heat sessions can improve your fitness, mobility, muscle toning and firming, weight management, mental acuity, and many other wellness benefits. Burning calories has never been this easy!
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It’s time to take charge of your health and transform your body. With the SaunaWellness PRO-10, you can achieve better wellness at your pace and indulge yourself with soothing passive heat sessions (“hyperthermic conditioning”) to promote better wellness and enhance your peak physical performance. Proudly crafted from eco-friendly, RoHS certified premium-grade, toxin-free Canadian Red Cedar. Perfect for your home spa or business, the two-person or four-person models feature eight (8) natural energy sources to enhance your infrared sauna enjoyment, comfort and wellness improvement. Our SaunaWellness PRO-10 tri-spectrum infrared sauna system has extraordinary premium engineering features which are unique and superior amongst all commercial radiant IR saunas. It’s a luxury lifestyle wellness sauna with 3 distinct wavelengths and 3 separate IR heater systems (near, mid & far). The advanced natural Tri-Spectrum system is the fastest system for faster satisfaction and a rewarding healthy lifestyle activity. Our superbly crafted PRO-10 Saunas are designed with the most infrared and natural energy sources on the market to provide the fastest heating sauna system. Immediately feel satisfying heat and enjoy the chromo-light ambience for a premium wellness experience.
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Ergoline Beauty Angel RVT 30

$36/per day

Pure energy for your skin and body. The Beauty Angel RVT 30 emits light energy (non-UV) within the near infrared and visible wavelengths. It does not emit UV light and are not a tanning device. The light energy emitted is a gentle form of stimulation and is ideal for anybody looking for a natural, non-invasive way to help look and feel great. Working in conjunction with the action of the vibra-shape platform – and the application of vitamin enriched, aloe infused skin care formulations – the targeted light energy wavelengths enhance the overall effectiveness of the complete system. *Lease rates vary.
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Mystic Tan Kyss

Known, loved, and trusted worldwide as the innovator of sunless tanning, Mystic Tan® brings you a new sunless experience with revolutionary HD (High Definition) Technology. The Mystic Tan® HD booth adds heat to your tanning experience, plus an added full body drying feature during the application process. Personal single use cartridges and additives can be blended to create the perfect combination for all skin types and desired results.
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Soltron XS-35 Coco Cabana

The XS-35 Coco Cabana has the hottest tan north of Havana. There’s no need for any client to travel somewhere sunny with this unit nearby. The comfort, convenience and pure tanning energy will make it the sunbed everyone wants to jump into. This cabana may be small on the outside, but it’s big on the inside. The ergonomic acrylic lets clients stretch out in complete relaxation and the powerful ventilation keeps everything cool and comfortable. An MP3 player connection, which is available on one of the optional Stereo Sound systems, allows clients to fully enjoy their own personal mix of music while they tan. The outstanding tanning results from 34 Super Power lamps and three available glass reflector facial tanners is like having this cabana on your own private island. Anyone who encounters customers who have been inside this cabana will think they’ve just come back from a vacation in the tropics.
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RX-2 Collagentex Photo Therapy System

$19/per day

All Natural Skin Rejuvenation System Grow your business by offering addition services in the fast growing photo, near infrared light therapy segment. The latest, quartz Plasma-Arc technology delivers polychromatic, near infrared energy efficiently and safely with zero UV emission. Collagentex spectrum rays can penetrate well below the dermal layers, energizing the targeted tissue at the optimum skin temperature. Easier to use than conventional laser systems and more powerful than traditional LED systems.   *Lease rates vary. Financing available for commercial use only on approved credit.
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RX-1 Collagentex Seat

$9/per day

All Natural Skin Rejuvenation System Sit down version of RX-1 for pain relief, inflammation reduction, wound healing with pressure sores and general benefits of exposure to polychromatic red light(NIR)from 633nm to 1500nm range. Preset 10 minute time automatic shutdown exposure for ease of use. 9" diameter of direct light exposure area. Ergonomically designed acrylic chair with built in cooling and polished stainless steel frame for durability and repeated exposure. Works at standard 120 VAC wall plug. Near infrared light is easily transmitted through most clothing. .   *Lease rates vary. Financing available for commercial use only on approved credit.

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